China Environmental Project Tech Inc

   China Environmental Project Tech Inc. (CEPT) founded in 1994, was the earliest professional company for FGD in China. In 2006, The Engineering Research Center for Power Plant FGD set up  in CEPT.
    The successful course of CEPT was the development of institutionalized desulfurization in China.The first two projects at the beginning of institutionalized desulfurization in China  in the Ninth Five-Years Plan used the NSW(Natuer Sea Water)-FGD technology R&D by CEPT.
     In Mar. 1999,the NSW-FGD project of Mawan (Western) power plant of Shenzhen (6×300MW),  the 2# unit put into production  became the demonstrational project of the first clean coal-fired plan in China.
     In June 2006,the NSW-FGD project of Houshi power plant of Zhangzhou Fujian (6×600MW) was elected the first “National Environmentally Friendly Engineerings”in China.(1# unit put into production in Aug. 1999)
     It  was first used the seawater FGD technology in large and medium coal-fired power plants  for whole fule gas in the world, and either scale or effect are excellent and the world`s leading. 
    The NSW-FGD technology R&D by CEPT initiates the following three principles of harmonious treatments: to control pollution cleanly, to consume minimizing and adjust measures to local condition.
    The NSW FGD process was ranked the seawater directly using technology which would be generalized vigorously in China and one of the two pragmatic technologies for desulphurization of large and medium power plants was acknowledged by the China government in 2005.
     In FGD EPC projects of forty companies confirmed by NDRC in 2006, the seawater FGD projects are only owned by CEPT, which were earliest applied cosmically and the effectively  at present.



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