Shanghai Bi Ke Clean Energy Technology

Shanghai Bi Ke Clean Energy Technology Company Ltd. (Clean Energy Commercialization Company, CECC) is an emerging company focused on developing a global, value-added manufacturing chain to feed a wide range of industrial needs.  Combining the assets and capabilities of China’s leading research institution with the commercialization know-how of a management team with deep experience, CECC is poised to revolutionize the global methanol industry.

Founded in 2008, CECC is a mixed ownership corporation with Chinese Academy of Science Holdings holding majority ownership, and Double Green Bridge Hong Kong, a consortium of CECC management, and Johnson Matthey Investments owning minority positions.

CECC’s primary focus is methanol production and downstream conversion businesses.  Through its North American subsidiary, NW Innovation Works, CECC is developing three methanol manufacturing plants in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.  CECC is also positioned to support China’s growing need for petrochemicals and other industrial needs for which methanol can be used as a feedstock.

CECC’s business model is supported by three principal pillars:

1.Relentless focus on innovation: CECC is pioneering new technical and commercial innovations in both China and North America to create a platform for delivering methanol into the industrial processes where it is most needed.

2.Reliable methanol supply: Abundant North American natural gas resources will be reformed to high-grade methanol using Ultra Low Emissions (ULE) reforming technology and transferred to China via ship from CECC’s strategic port locations in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

3.Groundbreaking conversion technology: CECC’s proprietary technologies represent a significant advancement in the methanol conversion process, allowing methanol to be used as a feedstock for a wide spectrum of high value products in an environmentally-responsible way.

CECC’s is committed to producing value for our customers through innovation and developing a sustainable platform that supports global economic and environmental needs.





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