The 30th November marked a wonderful day for Startup Grind Nanchang chapter.

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The 30th November marked a wonderful day for Startup Grind Nanchang chapter. Michael Huang, Startup Grind Nanchang team successfully organized a 话题标签#workshop to listen to our awesome speaker Yang Wang (汪洋), founder & the Chief Architect of Zoomla, Inc – a domestic IT company well-known by their Internet Content Management System (CMS) software products, ranked top in China according to the Alexa ratings. Mr. Wang has shared a spectrum of valuable things out of his 20 years’ experience in Internet creativity and software development. Those include 话题标签#tech 话题标签#trends, 话题标签#product 话题标签#creation 话题标签#methodology, and a little bit about the fusion of the Web and 话题标签#Chinese culture. Another amazing event successfully is done by the Startup Grind Nanchang chapter. People have got connected, inspired and educated. The entire chamber, maybe the city, started to love SG. A special thanks to Mr. Wang and all the folks! 话题标签#StartupGrindChina 话题标签#StartupGrind 话题标签#NanchangChina



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CMS(Content Management System)是网站内容管理系统简称, 互联网上每个网站(无论大小门户)其后台都由专业CMS系统支撑- Zoomla!逐浪CMS作为国内高端CMS与WEB应用典范,首创第3代CMS理念,专注底层核心技术研发,以云技术、创新精神构建行业新成就,提供从网站内核到电商、办公、移动一体化的开发体验!

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